Ostenil Plus 40 mg/2 ml

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OSTENIL® Plus is a solution containing 40 mg / 2 ml hyaluronic acid for injection into the joint cavity.
Mannitol-stabilised high dose HA for sustained effect

OSTENIL® PLUS is a unique combination of natural high dose HA (2%) + mannitol.
The formulation offers the possibility of reducing the number of intra-articular injections and increasing the intervals between injections. 
OSTENIL® PLUS reduces pain and improves function in osteoarthritis with very good tolerability.

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Ostenil 20 mg/2 ml

Our Medical Devices

OSTENIL® is a solution containing 20 mg / 2 ml hyaluronic acid for injection into the joint cavity. It is indicated for the treatment of symptoms of osteoarthritis. It has been shown to reduce pain and stiffness in the affected joint and to improve joint function which may last for several months.

Cetilar Cream 50ml

Our Medical Devices

Cetilar Cream is a medical device used to relieve joint and musculoskeletal system pain quickly and reliably. It has a patented formula containing 7.5% cetylated fatty acids. Cetilar is designed for joints, muscles and tendons.

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